In GRUPO ARTESANAL TRIBUTO we specialize in products made 100% leather, cowhide and vaquetas carefully selected to ensure they capture all the creativity of our craftsmen. We have managed to combine the richness of our craft techniques, mixing different materials with contemporary and avant-garde designs that achieve the only line in its style. We are in constant search of new mixtures that can reflect the diversity artisan of our mexico.

At GRUPO ARTESANAL TRIBUTO there is a deep commitment with environmental responsibility, we do not produce new materials that can harm the sustainability of our planet, all our leathers and hides come from the cattle used in the food industry and from tanneries that are ISO-9001 certified for quality and ISO-14001 certified for low environmental impact.  We are proud to manufacture most of our products from vegetable tanned leathers, aware that the leather is a 100% natural product and what comes from the earth one day will return to the earth.